Principal’s Message :

“It is a privileged for me to pen this message, Central College being the pivot of the North Central Province in the historical city, in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka excels in both academic and extra-curricular activities. The college possesses a long and great history and has opened doors for the students of less privileged families who are not in a position to gain a sound education. As a result the college has been able to bestow great sons and daughters to the nation where they render invaluable service in state and private sector.

Tutorial staff under my leaderships is taking every effort to make centralians educationally sound, physically fit and mentally balanced. Thus our ultimate goal is to produce an energetic useful and patriotic citizens to the country.

We have proved that nothing is impossible, if we have perseverance, we also encourage them to think globally and act preserving our cultural values, and traditions. Finally I am proud to say as our Motto goes “Hearken, Memorize and Act”. The Student of our college are loyal and maintain discipline, climbing the ladder of achievements…”


He hails from a respectable family in the area. His character was moulded under the influence of Sinhala Buddhist environment and under the blessings of veteran Buddhist monks in the region. He received his primary education at the village school, Rathmale Thissa Maha Vidyalaya. Then he moved into St. Joseph’s College which is one of the oldest and prestigious school in Anuradhapura. After getting through G.C.E Ordinary Level, he entered Anuradhapura Central College that is well-known national school in Sri Lanka. He excelled at the G.C.E Advanced Level examination and was selected to the University of Kelaniya where he completed his first degree in Arts successfully. He also obtained Post Graduate Diploma at the national institute of education in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Abeykoon began his professional career as an assistant teacher at Thuruwila Maha Vidyalaya in 1988 and he became the acting principal of the same school in 1996. He was qualified as grade 2- II principal in year 2000 and promoted to grade 2-I of the Sri Lanka principal service and appointed as the deputy principal of the same school.

In 2002 he became the deputy principal of Anuradhapura Central College where he pursued his high education. Later in 2007 he was promoted to the vice principal post and at present he is the principal of this college.

He underwent a special military training at the Rantembe, Sri Lanka Cadet Corp, offered by the Ministry of Education to the selected principals and was conferred commissioned captain rank. He was also promoted to S.L.E.A.S. class-iii in 2014.

He plays a prominent role to enhance the standard of the college in all aspects, educational, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. He represents many organizations in the area. He is a councilor of Rajarata University of Mihintale. He also renders his service as a member of Senate of Buddhasravake Hikshu University. He is the regional director of the Pasala Surekeeme Movement and the director of “ SaukyaDana” Movement.